The Association

Alti Formaggi was created in 2009 by several cheese consortiums from the Lombardy region. It represents the first example of Italian Consorzi di Tutela working together towards a common goal, in this case to form a united front to launch the new Alti Formaggi brand. The project aims to bring the consortiums in line with one another and to increase awareness of the high-quality products they represent. is and always will be the focal point of the project. It is a shared space with information, development and joint promotions aimed at both consumers and enthusiasts.

In order to formalise the project legally, in 2011 the Consorzi di Tutela turned Alti Formaggi into an 'Associazione'. This move was to help the group come into active contact with more consumers, not only online, but through events, specific initiatives, training and information in schools, promotions and the ability to highlight and endorse PDO and PGI products.

The goal of Alti Formaggi was to become a universal point of reference and to provide a space to promote awareness and increase consumption of these wonderful agricultural products. Alti Formaggi is a non-profit association, whose members currently include the Consorzi di Tutela Provolone Valpadana, Salva Cremasco and Taleggio. The association was set up to organise and support activities and educational programmes which raise awareness of its products and their nutritional value, as well as to highlight and endorse specific PDO and PGI products. In particular, the Associazione Alti Formaggi promotes:
  • activities that promote and endorse products
  • educational, informative and training activities to raise awareness of the background and quality of the associated agribusinesses producing these products in Italy and abroad
  • research 
  • activities that promote and endorse tourism through agricultural products and agribusinesses
  • activities that promote gastronomic tourism and everything related to it
  • consulting on behalf of members of the Associazione
The activities developed and promoted by Alti Formaggi integrate rather than replace the initiatives run by individual members.
Consorzio Tutela Provolone Valpadana
Consorzio Tutela Casciotta d'Urbino DOP
Consorzio Tutela Piave DOP

Executive Board
Bonaventi Gianluigi (President)
Stradiotti Libero
Taddei Massimo

Vittorio Emanuele Pisani
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