provides a virtual space for the Consorzi to raise awareness of their rich cheese-making heritage, its geography and the culture of the local region. Typical and traditional Alti Formaggi products stand out all the more for being an integral part of a landscape of unequalled beauty, history and artistic tradition.    

Visitors to the portal can browse, learn about cheeses, get news updates, read about events and discover the many ways these cheeses can be served, thanks to a detailed recipe section. The website promises to provide a wealth of delicious gastronomic treasures, as well as to help highlight and increase awareness of what this region has to offer. is unique both in terms of its look and level of information and knowledge. The website provides a wealth of ideas, where flavours guide visitors on a journey of discovery featuring colourful and diverse seasons, aromas, local people and a whole new way of tasting life.
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